Christmas Tree Decorating? Beard Trimming? Dr. Drew Is Here to Solve ALL Your Family Holiday Feuds

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Playing Dr. Drew Solves Your Holiday Family Feuds (With a Little Sass on the Side!)

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Until, of course, the turkey overcooks, the tree starts tipping over and three cousins twice-removed show up looking for a place to sleep. Then tensions get HIGH.

Thankfully, we've got Dr. Drew to the rescue!

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The doc stopped by to listen to various grievances from our guests, and in pure Dr. Drew fashion, he helped them get through them all — while also letting those truth bombs fly!

First up? Mom Lina and daughter Alyssa, who both love a good Christmas tree. But Lina — who's the decorator — likes a flawless, uniform tree, while Alyssa wants the handmade ornaments she made as a child to get some love.

"I made them as a kid!" says Alyssa. "They're cute, they represent our family and they're sentimental. And she hides them in the back!"

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Dr. Drew tried to get Lina to budge — she wasn't feeling it! — but hurled another question at Alyssa in the process.

"Let's try a different strategy — Alyssa, how old are you? What are you doing at home still?"

Dr. Drew did not come to play!

(For the record, Alyssa's 24!)

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He also helped one couple in a hairy situation — and by hairy, we mean beard-y! Wife Alaina wants her husband to groom his beard for the holidays, but Junior can't stand the thought.

Dr. Drew had other worries. "Do you groom otherwise?" he asks. "Do you otherwise, you know what I mean, groom?"

See the couple's reaction and the rest of their hilarious chat with Drew below!

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