Mom of TWO Sets of Twins Gets a Makeover—And HER Mom Is Brought to Tears By It

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Playing Mom of TWO Sets of Twins Gets a Makeover -- And HER Mom Is Brought to Tears By It

Losing 100 pounds once isn’t easy! But imagine losing 100 pounds THREE TIMES.

That’s what Kristina, a mom of two sets of twins, did!

"I basically have been struggling with my weight my entire life," Kristina says. "At my highest weight, I was pushing 300 pounds."

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At the age of 14, though, Kristina was inspired to lose weight after seeing various weight loss stories -- and she ultimately lost about 80 pounds herself. Wow!

Then, when she became pregnant with her first set of twins, Kristina says she was gaining 10 pounds every two weeks.

Fast forward to her second pregnancy -- after losing about 100 pounds following her first -- when she discovered she was expecting another set of twins!

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After losing -- you guessed it -- another 100 pounds after that pregnancy, Kristina is at the lowest weight she's ever been since starting her weight loss journey.

However, being the busy, doting mother and wife that she is, she admits that she doesn’t take enough time to pamper herself -- and HER mom Penny wanted that to change.

"I just want her to feel good about herself and believe it," Penny says.

So when Penny reached out to us for help, we HAD to take on the task!

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We enlisted the help of makeup artist (and mother of twins herself!) Mally Roncal, and let’s just say, Penny was FLOORED when she saw her daughter.

Watch the big reveal in the video above!

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