The Most Dangerous Holiday Foods for Your Dog

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Playing The Most Dangerous Holiday Foods for Your Dog

Every pet parent knows the common food no-gos, like chocolate, raisins and grapes. But around the holidays, there are lesser known culprits, too!

When veterinarian Dr. Courtney Campbell visited our show, he gave us the lowdown on three in particular.

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Whether you’re making pizza, biscuits or bread around the holidays, beware of the furry friends at your feet!

"If they ingest [unbaked yeast dough], the dough will rise," Dr. Courtney says. "[And] the stomach is basically an oven."

"The fermentation process creates ethanol, which is an alcohol," he continues. "And they essentially get drunk off of pizza dough and other dough."


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They’re delicious in holiday cookies -- but after this revelation, Rach is having her mom take them off the menu this year!

"We don’t even know why they’re toxic," the vet says. "But they are."

In fact, he says the nuts can make dogs tremor and stumble -- and NO ONE wants that.


There’s a silver lining to this one, which is good news considering that nutmeg is in EVERYTHING around the holidays.

"Dogs have to ingest a large amount of nutmeg for it to be a problem," Dr. Courtney explains.

So, just don’t go spilling it on the floor!

For more potential holiday pet hazards, check out our handy guide below:

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