#ShortHairDOCare! See 8 of the Most Mesmerizing Makeover Haircuts in Action

by Rose Marie Walano 12:07 PM, December 7, 2017

Aired December 7, 2017

Short hair, don't care?

More like, "Short hair and pretty emotional about it" — but in the best way!

If there's one thing we know how to do here at The Rachael Ray Show, it's a show-stopping makeover.

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And the focal point of any makeover? The hair!

There really is nothing more transformative than a fresh, new 'do — and these 8 willing participants (who chopped their hair for our show) prove it!

Watch the mesmerizing hair cutting action go down in the video above, and see the dramatic result of each cut below!

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1. Irene's Dramatic Floor-Length Hair Makeover

See the full makeover!

2. Our Stylist Gretta Chops Her OWN Hair!

See the full makeover!

3. This Woman Gets Her Hair Cut for the 1st Time in 30 Years!

See the full makeover!

4. This Girl Wanted to Be Rachael for Halloween — And Her Mom Accidentally Chopped Her Hair!

See the full cut!
 (Spoiler alert: It was a WIG! But still pretty dramatic!

5. Bye, Bye, Manbun — Hello, Hottie!

See the full makeover!

6. See What Happened When This Viewer Got Her 1st Haircut EVER

See the full makeover!

7. This Mom Gets Her First Dramatic Cut in 30 Years!

See the full makeover!

8. Man Who Stopped Cutting His Hair When His Mom Died of Cancer Gets an Emotional Makeover

See the full makeover!