Watch Rach (and Emeril!) Squirm and Wince Their Way Through Our "What Am I Touching?" Game


Playing Watch Rach and Emeril Scurry Away from TWO Wolves
Watch Rach and Emeril Scurry Away from TWO Wolves Aired December 11, 2017

It’s safe to say that our (in)famous "What Am I Touching?" game with zoologist Jarod Miller is not one of Rach’s all-time favorites ...


So that’s why she likes to enlist some of her buddies to help her power through!

Chef Bobby Flay has had his fair share of scares -- and this time, it was Emeril’s turn!

But even HE wanted nothing to do with it!

This time around, it all started when Jarod brought out two British Columbian timber wolves -- and Rach and Emeril just couldn’t bring themselves to get close to them. (Watch them scurry away in the video above!)

"EMERIL SMELLS LIKE A ROAST," Rach hilariously warns, as he had made one earlier in the show.

So when Jarod moved on to his two SURPRISE animals (which were hiding in boxes!), Rach and Emeril needed to recruit even more back-up.

That’s where Joey Kola -- the head of audience warm-up at our show -- came in!

He took one for the team and participated in not one, but both of the "What Am I Touching" challenges while Rach and Emeril watched and winced from afar.

Watch the first one below (spoiler: Skinny pigs are hiding in the box, and Joey can’t handle the suspense):

After taking a deep breath, Joey unknowingly moved on to this bearded dragon:

Rachael Ray Show

And THIS is how he felt about not knowing exactly what he was touching:

And THIS is how Rach felt when the mystery creature’s identity was revealed:


All of us, Rach! All. Of. Us!


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