Rothy's Ballet Flats Review: We Tried the Stretchy, Washable Flats You’ve Probably Seen All Over Social Media

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Shoes can get stained, sweaty and smelly rather quickly -- and they’re not always the easiest to clean, right?

But could these recycled, washable flats be different?!

We recruited Marie Claire Senior Fashion Editor Zanna Roberts Rassi to try Rothy’s The Point flats and find out.

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The flats -- which are made out of recycled water bottles, Zanna says -- can actually be thrown into the washing machine if they need more than a spot clean!

Just remove the insoles before you toss them in and dry them flat them once they’re washed. Rothy’s advises using a gentle cycle with cold water and washing them on their own!

So, what did Zanna think?

"These are incredible," she tells Rach of that flats that come in EIGHTEEN different patterns and colors.

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Not only are they environmentally friendly, but Zanna also enjoys that they’re stretchy and chic (they ARE).

Ah, the best of many worlds!

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