Old Navy Stay White Jeans Review: Are They REALLY Stain Repellant?

Playing Are These "Stay White" Jeans REALLY Stain Repellant?
Are These "Stay White" Jeans REALLY Stain Repellant? Aired December 12, 2017

Kids aren’t the only messy eaters -- adults can be, too! ?

That’s why we were anxious to find out if Old Navy’s "Stay White" Skinny Jeans -- which are coated with a spray that’s supposed to repel stains -- could actually hold up against the harshest and brightest of liquids.

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Marie Claire Senior Fashion Editor Zanna Roberts Rassi pouring orange juice, coffee AND wine on her pair to find out -- and she was stunned by the results!

"No way," she says when she’s able to easily wipe away the mess.

(In fact, watch her pour black coffee on a pair in the video above!)

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The fashion expert’s one tip? Make sure you’re wiping away the liquids with a completely CLEAN washcloth, or else you’re defeating the purpose!

Now, if you think the stain-repellant technology makes the jeans stiff, think again!

Zanna calls them super stretchy and very comfortable (and Rach insists they feel super soft). Score!

Now, if you spill oil or salad dressing on your jeans on a day when you're NOT wearing "Stay White" jeans, Zanna has a pre-treatment trick for you! Watch it in the video below:

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