This Philadelphia Man Secretly Paid Off the Holiday Layaway ($10,000!!) at a Local Toys-R-Us

by Laura Ratliff 2:01 PM, December 14, 2017

Aired December 15, 2017

If you’re like most people, the holiday season often means some a bit of penny-pinching to make sure your loved ones have lots of gifts under the tree.

One real-life secret Santa decided to make Christmas that much better for some lucky families this year.

When he was shopping for his own gifts at Toys-R-US, Charlie K., a dad living in Philadelphia, was inspired to spread holiday cheer by paying off more than $10,000 in layaway items at the store.

“I realized how fortunate I am to provide for my son,” says Charlie, “so I decided it would be great to help people in my community by paying it forward and paying the layaways off… as much as I could.”

Better yet, Charlie’s generosity inspired Rachael to send a $10,000 check to the layaway department of our local Toys-R-Us in the Bronx, as well.

And Rach gave Charlie *two* special holiday dinners, too. What a merry Christmas for all!

Check out Charlie’s sweet, humble reaction in the video above.