You CAN Lose Weight in Just One Day (Up to 2 Pounds!)

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Playing You CAN Lose Weight in Just One Day (Up to 2 Pounds!)

You need to be able to zip into that dress in 24 hours?

It can be done!

According to dietician and Nutritious Life founder Keri Glassman, all you need to do is follow this easy, 24-hour diet — and you can lose up to 2 pounds!

Not bad, eh?

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Here's your cheat sheet:

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The morning of, start your day off strong with the ultimate metabolism booster — water, lemon and ginger — plus protein, like eggs sprinkled with cayenne pepper.

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After that, it's all lean protein and veggies. And don't forget to finish strong, too — with milk thistle! (FYI: Not only will the herb help you with your one-day diet, but it's known to lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels, too!)

Here's the full plan!

1. Eat breakfast.
With just one day, protein is all you need here. Add herbs such as dried oregano or basil for flavor and antioxidants, or cayenne if you want to kick that metabolism into high-gear. Then drink water with lemon and ginger (ginger is GREAT for debloating).

2. Sip on dandelion tea.
In fact, just make sure you keep drinking all day long! Go for green tea with lemon during the day, and milk thistle tea at night. And of course, no carbonated beverages -- especilaly if they tend to bloat you!

3. Stick with green veggies that won’t create gas.
Think spinach and asparagus vs. broccoli and brussel sprouts.

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4. Eat protein at lunch that is roasted, baked or steamed.
Add olive oil and herbs, and make sure your protein isn't smoked or processed!

5. Do not skip a meal!

6. Lastly, sweat it out.
Increasing your heart rate will mean an increase in blood flow, which will help your body flush out toxins naturally.

Estimated weight loss in one day? A potential 2 pounds!

Plus, keep the full plan handy by pinning the image below!

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