Mother Loses 165 Lbs (Half Her Weight!) After Startling Wake-Up Call From Doctor

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People's "Half Their Size" issue never ceases to inspire -- and this year's was no different.

One amazing success story came from Chasity, a mother living in New Jersey who’s lost 165 pounds.


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And we were lucky enough to learn more about her 7-year-long journey when "People Now" host Jeremy Parsons and Chasity herself visited our show!

"In my 20s, I began struggling with weight," Chasity explains. "I got busy with my family life and career, and I basically stopped bothering to take care of myself."

At her heaviest, Chasity says, she was nearing 400 pounds. But her turning point came when she had complications following the birth of her third daughter.

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"The doctors found that I had a 50 percent clogged artery," Chasity recalls. "I had to make a decision about life and if I wanted to be around to see my children."

In that moment, her doctor suggested that she have weight loss surgery, and she decided that the gastric sleeve operation was the safest route for her.

But she didn’t stop there.

"The sleeve was the immediate fix," the determined mom explains. "But it wasn’t the long-term fix."

So Chasity not only began changing how she eats, but she also started working out Every. Single. Day.

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And it’s through a program called GirlTrek -- which is a movement that encourages African American women to walk 30 minutes a day in your neighborhood -- that Chasity even met new friends.

We love that!

"Life is wonderful now," Chasity says.

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