Would You Let Your Kid Try 3-Day Hair Dye?

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Playing Would You Let Your Kid Try 3-Day Hair Dye?

Hair (dye) today, gone tomorrow?

That's the concept behind the hair dye 9-year-old Tara tested out for us as part of our Human Lab — kids' edition!

As Tara tells us, for her, dying her hair is all about self expression.

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"I like the idea of dying my hair, because of how it makes your hair different from other people hair, because you have different color hair!" she explains.

We can't argue with that!

But her mom, Bridget, is not quite ready to see her little girl try something permanent.

The potential solution? Edge Blendable Hair Dye. A box comes with six different crayons — yellow, silver, pink, purple, blue and green — that you can use to color your hair. And the unexpected twist? After three days, it claims that it will wash out.

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True to that promise, Tara reports, the color did indeed start to fade after three days — though not necessarily to her delight. And the color rubbed off on her clothes to boot! But thankfully, her mom reported, it washed out pretty easily.

Watch her and her mom's full review in the video above!

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