Here's How Going to the Gym Can Help Your Sex Life

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Looking to get steamy in the bedroom? Start going to the gym!

"It revs up the hormones [and] increases the blood flow throughout the entire body,” says fitness trainer Kacy Duke, who has worked with celebrities including Gwen Stefani, Julianne Moore and Denzel Washington. “Plus, it actually primes you for really great sex!"

Kacy's new book, The Show It Love Workout, details exercises to get you in shape in all the right places. Here are three of her tips for spicing up your life both in the gym and the bedroom:

For women, these little contraction exercises, also called pelvic floor exercises, have big benefits. According to Kacy, they help with lubrication and can result in stronger orgasms.

For men, they increase blood flow to the penis, “which helps you last longer in the bedroom and helps you have stronger orgasms," says Kacy.

“You can't just expect to go to the gym one time and have this gorgeous body,” says Kacy. You know, it's an evolution, not a revolution. She encourages you to keep going, trying new workouts, and then, most importantly, “Go to bed and have some great sex!"

Working out together is definitely sexy. To bring the heat, workout without headphones on and keep up the eye contact.

Ultimately though, it’s really about support. "You’re setting up yourselves so that you can be comfortable being a work in progress with each other, because that's what really makes you strong," explains Kacy.

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