6 Things Successful People Do Every Day (Says Self-Made Millionaire and "Shark Tank" Star Daymond John)

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Playing 6 Things Successful People Do Every Day (Says Self-Made Millionaire and "Shark Tank" Star Daymond John)

After Daymond John wrote "The Power of Broke" — telling people that they don't need money to make money — people started asking him what they could be doing daily to get themselves on the road to success.

So, he went on a quest to find out — and it culminated in his new book, "Rise and Grind."

"I found 20 people that I really admire and respect," Daymond explains. "Successful people from Catherine Zeta [Jones] to [Carlos] Santana, to a guy named Kyle Maynard who climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro — and he has no arms, no legs and no prosthetics."

Daymond asked those inspiring buddies what they do during the first and last 90 minutes of their day — in various decades of their lives — and he discovered a formula!

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"It's all done in various different ways," he explains of successful routines, "but [they're] the same exact [habits], if you look at it."

Luckily, the "shark" walked us through the six common behaviors that he discovered all of his flourishing friends do at one point or another Every. Single. Day.

And if you ask us, we can all hop on this train!

1. Review Your Goals

"Whether it's short-term or long-term," Daymond says, "they review their goals [daily]."

Don't just set it and forget it, everyone!

2. Exercise

"Exercising and using that adrenaline gets you more productive for the rest of your day," Daymond stresses.

And Rach agrees!

"I [exercise] to put my head in the right space," she says.

3. Meditate, Pray or Give Thanks

"I've noticed every single person has been giving gratitude for what they have today," the "shark" reveals. "And it makes them a better person."

Rach also revealed that she and Daymond share a love of ironing, because it provides them with another opportunity to clear their minds.

Ah, finally a reason to love ironing. Thanks, Rach!

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4. Be Positive

"We get up saying we can do something instead of all the people that get up and go 'Oh my god, everybody else is living better than me. I can't do it,'" Daymond notes.

"As I say," he continues, "we have 10,000 words that we use every day, and if they're 'love,' 'can,' 'will' and 'do,' they become more effective — instead of 'hate,' 'can't' and things of that nature."

(Hey guys, we CAN do this!)

5. Keep a Calendar

People often put everyone else's needs in front of their own, so the self-made millionaire believes a calendar helps people allot time for things that are important to them, like spending time with family.

(Daymond literally sets aside time on his calendar for calls to his mom and lunch with his daughters. Aw!)

The way he sees it? "That's what we're doing it all for, isn't it?"

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6. Don't Be a Slave to Your Email Inbox

"I send out emails for one hour and don't answer any," Daymond admits, "because that's my offense."

Not staring at emails all day so you can live in the moment? We can get behind that.

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