This Woman Got the Surprise of a Lifetime After We Gave Her Boyfriend (Who Lost 300 Pounds!) a Sexy Makeover

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Playing This Woman Got the Surprise of a Lifetime After We Gave Her Boyfriend (Who Lost 300 Pounds!) a Sexy Makeover

When a viewer named Brian had reached his peak weight (around 560 to 600 pounds), he knew it was time for a change.

"I was on the verge of death" he admits. "I'm lucky to be alive."

He wanted a healthier life, of course, but he also wanted to find love -- and he knew he had to take care of himself first.

After all, it may sound cheesy, but the old adage is true! You have to love and care for yourself before anyone else can, are we right?

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"I definitely didn’t want to live the rest of my life by myself," Brian admits. "I was going to need to make a change, because I can’t ask someone to accept me for what I was then, because I wasn’t taking care of myself."

That’s why he decided to ease his way into exercising by hitting golf balls at a driving range.

"It's something that someone [who's] really heavy could actually do," Brian explains.

Plus, he started following the ketogenic diet.

Fast forward two years and he had lost 300 pounds! WOW.

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Once he started feeling better about his well-being, love (A.K.A. a lovely woman named Brittany) came knocking at his door.

Her wish for him now?

"I would love to see Brian dressed up in something that fits him and makes him shine through with his personality," Brittany says.

(Brian admits his entire wardrobe consists of workout clothes. Can you blame the guy? They’re comfy!)

Naturally, we HAD to make it happen -- so we turned to our friend and style guru Gretta Monahan.

(Spoiler: She dressed Brian in his very first suit!)

Watch the video above to see Brian reveal his dapper new look to Brittany, Rach and Cat Deeley (who we HAD to share this moment with, considering her new inspiring show on Lifetime, "This Time Next Year.")

But WAIT, that’s not all.

You ~may~ want to watch until the very, very end to see Brian ask Brittany a very special question. ?

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