4 Must-Read Books From the CEOs of What's Being Called the New "Oprah's Book Club" + the Perfect Wines to Drink With Them

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Playing 4 Must-Read Books From the CEOs of What's Being Called the New "Oprah's Book Club" + the Perfect Wines to Drink With Them

Because what's better than a good book and a glass of vino, are we right?

That's the premise behind theSkimm's book club, SkimmReads, which has been called "Oprah's Book Book Club for Millennials" by Business Insider. (Learn about how it came to be in the video above!)

And it sounds like a SOLID plan to us!

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That's why we invited theSkimm's CEOs, Danielle Weisberg and Carly Zakin, on, and they brought along the ultimate: four must-read books — and the perfect wine pairing for each!

Read on for the ladies' picks — and two picks from Rach, too!

Grist Mill Road by Christopher J. Yates

Rachael Ray Show

Genre: Thriller

Description: About three friends in a small town 90 miles outside NYC. When they’re teens in the ‘80s, they’re part of a bizarre crime. Decades later, they reunite and new details come out…

Fun facts: Hollywood is into this book. Both Kyle MacLachlan (Trey in "Sex and the City") and Krysten Ritter (Jessica Jones — and she's written a thriller herself!) both posted about it.

Plus, screenwriters and producers are reportedly vying to snap up the rights to it!

Rachael Ray Show

Wine pairing: The Pinot Project ($13, wine.com)

Why it's perfect: It’s a red (dark, like the thriller), but very drinkable. It has hints of pomegranate, black cherry, spice and a smooth finish that will stick with you (just like the book's ending).

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The Immortalists by Chloe Benjamin

Rachael Ray Show

Genre: Literary Fiction

Description: In the '60s on the Lower East Side, four siblings go see a psychic. She tells them the age they’re going to die, and it informs their lives going forward in serious, haunting ways.

Fun fact: This book is already being made into a TV show!

Rachael Ray Show

Wine pairing: Guigal Cotes du Rhone Rosé 2016 ($14, wine.com)

Why it's perfect: Because this book is all about your destiny… and sometimes, your destiny is to drink rosé in cold weather. (It’s also about subverting expectations — again, rosé in cold weather!) But seriously, this is a bit of a darker rosé, so again, ideal for colder temps.

And now, Rachael's recs!

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

Rachael Ray Show

Genre: Southern Gothic

Description: It's Rachael's all-time favorite book because, she says, "[Patriarch and small-town lawyer] Atticus Finch is the all-time greatest father I have read. He is such a noble person in every way, shape and form!"

Fun fact: The American classic (seriously, if you haven't read it yet, what are you waiting for?!) was adapted into an award-winning film starring Gregory Peck, who took home the Oscar for Best Actor. (The film also won two more Oscars, for Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Art Direction.)

The book also has a sequel, Go Set a Watchman, but it was only published 55 years after the original's release.

Rachael Ray Show

Wine pairing: 2013 House Of Independent Producers Sauvignon Blanc ($18, wineawesomeness.com)

Why it's perfect: It’s an American classic, like the book, by HIP — or the House of Independent Producers, vineyards in Washington state. It smells really fresh — like a granny smith apple with hints of lemon — which makes it especially good for pretending it's summer in a very hot Alabama, the book's setting.

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The Alienist by Caleb Carr

Rachael Ray Show

Genre: Historical Crime-Fiction

Description: The book, set in 1896, follows Theodore Roosevelt, the New York City police commissioner at the time, and Dr. Laszlo Kreizler, an "alienist" (an early term for psychologist). Together, they attempt to solve the most famous murders of the day via the latest technology (including a new thing called "fingerprinting").

Fun fact: The 10-part television adaptation — starring Luke Evans, Dakota Fanning and Daniel Brühl — premiered this past January.

Rachael Ray Show

Wine pairing: 19 Crimes Cabernet ($10, 19crimes.com for more information)

Why it's perfect: This is a Cab with a SERIOUS twist. "19 Crimes" refers to the 19 British prisoners who were sent to Australia (instead of the gallows) in the 18th century. Every one of them was supposed to have violated one of the infamous "19 crimes" of the time — including impersonating an Egyptian, clandestine marriage, bigamy and stealing letters.

Even cooler? It involves an app. You download it, point your camera at the label and the criminal on the bottle explains his crimes to you. The bottle literally talks to you. You feel like you’re in Harry Potter! Perfect for an old-timey thriller.

And the book love doesn’t stop there! So that everyone in the audience cook appreciate these books, Better World Books -- the bookstore that for every book sold, donates a book to someone in need -- gave everyone $25 gift certificates. Woot!

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