Is Your Retired Spouse Driving You CRAZY?! Well, This Hilarious Couple Can Relate! (And Dr. Drew Can Help)

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Playing Is Your Spouse Retired and Driving You CRAZY?! Well, This Hilarious Couple Can Relate! (And Dr. Drew Can Help)

Have you ever heard of "Retired Spouse Syndrome?"

Allow this HILARIOUS couple to explain!

Gerry and Frank Casanova of Yonkers, New York, have been married for 30 years, but as of January, Frank has been a retired man — and Gerry is NOT about it!

"You have to understand," Gerry laments while sitting next to her husband, "for 33 years, he has gone to work. I wake up, he's gone. I come home, he's gone. And now, after the first week, I'm like, 'Oh, my gosh!' I wake up, he's there. I come home, he's there. I go to work — "

Rach, completely cracking up, interrupts: "You know, Gerry, he can hear you?"

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Dr. Drew adds, laughing, "You know you married Frank?"

"I live here also!" says Frank, admittedly amused himself.

Rach quips, "At least, you thought you did, but apparently, you only had a timeshare.”


Realizing that both Frank and Gerry had some pet peeves to work through, Dr. Drew had them list them out. But he stopped them when he realized that all their issues — leaving dishes in the sink, being interrupted during a conversation — are pretty normal.

So this is what he said: "What I suspect is happening is that, Frank, you're living your life the way you wanted to… [as] a retired man, right? Gerry wasn't counting on this. And you got to realize that we, as men, like to get in our cave and just sit there and be there, and we are happy. And the way we like it is the way we like it. [But] that's not the way Gerry likes it at all."

The solution? "Gerry needs things to be moving around a little bit. She needs a little spice, she needs a little attention. She needs things to be sort of different every day," says the doc. "And again, this is basic stuff between men and women. So you, sir, have to pay attention to that. You have to make a little change, some little surprises, maybe focus on the romance. I know it's been 33 years, but you still have to pay attention to that."

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That's when he got to the heart of the issue. "Just today, my wife and I were starting to have conflicts," he says, "and I thought, 'Oh, right.' You need to attend to each other's physical needs on a regular basis — very regularly. You've got to be at each other's rhythms."

Dr. Drew, we’re blushing!

But Rachael cut to the chase: "Get the hell out of here and go to bed!"

You can never get too much love!

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