You'll Never Have to Do a Closet Purge Again If You Do THIS Every Day Instead

by Cristina Corvino 3:00 AM, March 20, 2018

Aired March 20, 2018

Okay, we admit it, these 9-year-old twin girls are adult-ing better than we are!

No, seriously, young organizing pros Marin and Ellie don't just *like* keeping their rooms neat, they LOVE it.

(Watch how passionate they are in the video above!)

Lucky for us, they shared their wisdom with us -- and their tip for weeding out clothes that don't fit anymore is so simple, but SO smart.

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(Moms of growing kids and tweens, you're going to LOVE this.)

Instead of hanging them back in their closet, the middle schoolers toss items that they've grown out of into a bin. This way, they're making room for new items in the moment, rather than forcing themselves to rummage through a jam-packed closet later!

Then, periodically, the girls sift through and either donate the bin full of gently used clothing or hand them down to younger relatives.

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The best part is that you do a little at a time -- in the moment (when you notice something doesn’t fit) -- so the dreaded "purging your closet" work never piles up! And voila! An edited closet … always.

(Adults, tell the truth, you're stealing this idea, too … right?)