One of These Actors Appeared in a Madonna Music Video and the Other Castrated a Pig — Who's Who?!

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Playing One of These Actors Appeared in a Madonna Music Video and the Other Castrated a Pig — Who's Who?!

Okay, you knew that "Hap and Leonard" stars James Purefoy and Michael K. Williams have one verifiable shared skill — acting!

But here's one more from each of them we didn't expect!

Michael's? He can Vogue with the best of them — like the most famous Voguer of all time!

"I did not know that you were a dancer with Madonna back in the day!" Rach squeals to Michael, to the sound of thunderous applause.

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"Well!" he says, clearly bashful. "I technically did not dance with Madonna, 'cause that's not an easy title to have — to be one of Madonna's dancers. She only picked the best, and I was a complete and utter — I consider myself a 'hack' in the dance world. But I did appear in one of her music videos as one of her featured extras."

"That counts!" Rachael counters. "You were in a Madonna video — come on!"

As for James? Well, his is a little more gruesome.

In addition to working in a morgue when he was 17 years old — how’s THAT for a first job?! — Michael reminded James, "The pig thing!" while making a cutting motion.

"I was a pig farmer," James says. And his area of expertise? "Piglet castration. I grew up in the countryside! What do you want? That's what I did!"


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But Rach was ready: "If you all need your livestock castrated — James!"

LOL! It’s for sure SOME kind of skill!

Learn more about the latest season of the show in the video above, and watch James and Michael play our BFF version on "The Newlywed Game" in the video below!

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