Watch Newlyweds and a Couple Who Hasn’t Been On Vacation In SIX Years Compete For a Trip to Jamaica

by Cristina Corvino 3:00 AM, April 5, 2018

Aired April 5, 2018

Here at the "Rachael Ray" show, we love a good, healthy competition!

And when a trip to Jamaica is up for grabs and you have a newlywed couple going head-to-head with couple who hasn’t gone on vacation in SIX years, you know the competition is going to be *fierce.*

Newlyweds Janelle and Ryan and parents Lauri and Bryce competed for roundtrip airfare to stay for 5 days and 4 nights at the Gourmet Inclusive® Azul Beach Resorts, Sensatori Jamaica, by Karisma -- which has SEVEN pools and NINE restaurants!

Plus, the winning couple would be treated to the Karisma Gourmet Experience, meaning all food and beverages would be included.

(I mean, who WOULDN'T put their best foot forward to win all of that?!)

To win, the duos had to "ski walk" to the finish line, bundle up completely in the winter clothes we provided and then toss a ginormous plush marshmallow into an equally ginormous plush mug.

Watch the video above to see who comes out on top -- and to hear Rach's surprise announcement at the end!

(Spoiler alert: Everybody's a winner on our show! 😀 )