Genevieve Gorder Relives Her Most Cringe-Worthy "Trading Spaces" Moment, Calls Homeowner Who Hated Design 10 Years Ago

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Playing Genevieve Gorder Calls “Trading Spaces” Homeowner Who Hated Her Design 10 Years Ago

You can't win them all!

Case in point: When we had the cast of the "Trading Spaces" reboot on our show, we just couldn't help but remind interior designer Genevieve Gorder of one redo she did — a decade ago! — that the homeowners very clearly just Did. Not. Love.

Could we — and she — make it right?!

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Well, we had her FaceTime with the lady of the house, Nancy, to find out — and to see a glimpse of the space!

And let us tell you, it looks NOTHING like what Genevieve did to it!

In the old clip, you can see costar Paige asking if Nancy liked the geometric pillows (or even the “idea of them”). “Not really,” Nancy confessed.

Although, to be fair to Nancy, Paige does reveal that one of the redone walls is actually covered in rust!

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That said, in present day, Nancy shares via FaceTime, “I did keep a lot of the treasures that you guys left for us,” explaining that she’s keeping them for her kids.

I mean, that’s got to warm your heart at least, right, Gen?

Watch the video to see the before and after!

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