Rachael Answers: My Nonstick Pan Started Peeling. Do I Have to Throw It Away Immediately?

by Rose Marie Walano 3:00 AM, April 9, 2018

Aired April 9, 2018

Here's an important question you've definitely wondered before:

If you have a nonstick pan, and the protective layer on it starts peeling, do you have to throw it away immediately?

That was one of our audience member's questions to Rachael, and this was here Immediate response:

"Bye, bye!"

And another thing!

"When you cook with nonstick," Rachael says, "never heat it empty. Always preheat nonstick — or copper — pans with something in it. With the fat you're using in the pan."

As Rach explains, "It's bad for the nonstick."

And yes, once the coating starts peeling, it can be hazardous for you!

"Just bye, bye!"

There you have it, folks! Once it's peeling, DUMP IT.