How Long Can The Food Hugger Keep an Avocado Half From Turning Brown?

by Rose Marie Walano 3:00 AM, April 17, 2018

Aired April 17, 2018


If you're an avocado lover — and really, who isn't? — then you're going to want to hear this!

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Along with the other members of our culinary team, our food stylist Tina Wu tested trendy food storage products on the market. She tried out Food Huggers, reusable silicone food savers designed to help you save that other half of your food.

THE CLAIM: "It’s the age-old problem: You need a quarter of an onion, and after saving the rest in a baggie, it goes bad in a few days. The issue is exposure to oxygen, which quickly spoils fresh produce. Food Huggers set out to change that with a set of five 'lids' that fit right over the fruit or veggie, providing an air-tight seal to keep foods fresh."

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And did it for Tina's two foods of choice, a lemon and an avocado? Watch the video to find out!