These Dogs Can Find Truffles Worth Up to $2,500 Per Pound! Is Your Pup Up to the Challenge?

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Playing Truffle Dog Co. in Seattle Trains Pups to Find Truffles Worth Up to $2,500/lb

No doubt, your dog is your BFF — an adorable ball of fluff and the best snuggler in town.


Could he also help you bring in a little extra dough? ?

If he's a dog who can hunt for truffles — those delicious underground mushrooms that make any meal at a fancy restaurant just that much more expensive — he can!

While the art of truffle hunting with dogs has LONG been popular in Europe — especially since truffle pigs tend to love truffles as much as we do and gobble them up! — the truffle-hunting dog craze hasn't quite hit stateside.

Until now!

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With the Truffle Dog Company based in Seattle, Washington, you can go on a truffle hunt with one of their trained dogs, or you can bring your own pup and learn how to hunt for truffles together!


And if you find any? Well, the most delicious and rarest of truffles can be worth up to $2,500 a pound. So you do the math!

As Rachael told the crowd, "I'm going to call you with an order very shortly! That [video] made my mouth water!"

Us, too, Rach — us, too!

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FYI, if you're considering taking your hound out to find truffles, here are a few of the breeds who are most often up for the hunt:

Lagotto Romagnolo
Springer Spaniel
Beagles and other hounds
Labrador retriever
Standard poodle
Belgian malinois

Truffle mac & cheese, anyone?

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