Gretta Helps One of Our Viewer's Purge 55 Items (!!) From Her Closet — Here's How You Can, Too!

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Playing Stylist Gretta Monahan Helps One Woman Purge 55 Items (!) From Her Closet

We've all been there — in fact, you might be there right now!

If you're cleaning out your closet as we speak, then you're probably going through the struggle of deciding what to keep and what not to keep.

Well, here are some fast facts: The average person has 53 items in their closet, but they're only regularly wearing 15. That means that 72% of any given person's closet has either never been worn or gone untouched in over a year!

And that's just the start.

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Thanks (at least in part) to that lack of curation, 61% of Americans admit that the regularly find themselves struggling to find something to wear — for up to eight hours a week on average. (Which is almost 100 hours per week!)

Which is why celebrity stylist Gretta Monahan came in and broke it down for us — the closet curating process — and she says, when it comes to keeping or tossing, it's all about the three Fs:

—Does it FIT?
—Does it FEEL good?

(And for the record, when she says "fashionable," she doesn't mean trendy. She means are you feeling flattered in it.)

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Those guidelines may sound simple, but they helped our wardrobe-panicked viewer Ashley, who didn't even know where to begin looking for an outfit in her closet before Gretta stepped in — and managed to eliminate a whopping 55 ITEMS!

That's a WHOLE lot of closet space.

And if it worked for her, we're confident it can work for you, too!

Watch the video above to see Gretta show you how it's done.

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