This Amazing 7-Year-Old Raised a Whopping $23,000 With a Lemonade Stand

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Playing This Amazing 7-Year-Old Raised a Whopping $23,000 With a Lemonade Stand

When life gives you lemons, you're supposed to make lemonade, right?

Well, 7-year-old Amiah from Idaho -- a.k.a. the creator of Lemonade 4 Lunch -- did just that!

"Lemonade 4 Lunch is a lemonade stand that I started to help pay off the reduced school lunch debt in the state of Idaho," Amiah explains.

It all started when Amiah's mom, Rachel, read her an article about a dad who took it upon himself to raise money to pay off a Seattle school district's lunch debt.

That's when Amiah found out that her school had a lunch debt of $40 -- and so her initial goal was born!

Within one hour of setting up her first lemonade stand in her driveway, Amiah raised $42!

(Go, Amiah, go!)

"I felt really good knowing that I was helping other kids," the 7-year-old says.

But she didn't stop there!

She went on to ask how much it would be to pay off the lunch debt for her entire school district.

The answer? $23,000.

Amiah's solution? A *lot* more lemonade stands and a GoFundMe page.

And just like that, she raised every penny of the $23,000.


"Amiah has inspired so many people," mom Rachel says.

In fact, Mountain West Bank -- a local bank in their town -- not only invited Amiah to set up lemonade stands there, but they also donated $5,000 to her new goal.


What's that goal, you ask? $100,000 to pay off *all* the lunch debt in the state of Idaho.

(Can you HANDLE this girl?!)

She has since started another GoFundMe page and plans to continue her lemonade stands throughout the summer.

"It may take a couple summers," Amiah says, "but I'm going to do it!"

All the hugs, Amiah, all the hugs! 

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