Watch Rach Eat Balloons (?!) + Smash Food Frozen in Liquid Nitrogen With Kevin From “Street Science”

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Playing Watch Rachael Eat Balloons (?!) With Kevin Delaney From "Street Science"

The last time “Street Science”’s Kevin Delaney (a.k.a. Jimmy Fallon’s science guy) stopped by the studio, there were things literally flying all over the place!

Kevin’s back to show Rach some cool new science tricks!

First: a balloon that you can actually eat? Say what?! How’s that work?

Using the hose from a helium tank, Kevin blows small bubbles into a kind of homemade edible super-sticky goop to make the balloons.

Watch the video above to see how they’re made and for Rach’s hilarious reaction to taking a bite!

Next, Kevin pulls a fast one over on Rach!

After she smashes a Pyrex glass vase, he drops the broken glass pieces into the bucket filled with a mysterious liquid. A few seconds later, he reaches in again (don’t try this at home!!) and voila! The vase is back together in one piece!

What’s Kevin’s secret science move? Watch below to find out.

At its extreme temperature of around -320 fahrenheit, liquid nitrogen quickly freezes the liquid in anything it touches, including fruits and vegetables, even doughnuts and gummy bears!

“I love liquid nitrogen!” Rach exclaims.

First, Kevin finds a frozen banana in the liquid nitrogen, which they try to nail to a board, but the banana keeps breaking — it’s frozen solid! So Rach decides to smash it, which is WAY more fun!

“I’m just going to keep giving you stuff to smash,” says Kevin. (Thanks, Kev)

Rach smashes a doughnut that’s frozen solid, then a marshmallow. What else goes into the liquid nitrogen? A whole bouquet of roses!

“Aww he’s going to freeze me some flowers,” says Rach. “Thank you, my darling.”

Then Rach does what with the flowers?! Watch below.

While Kevin and Rach had a ton of LOL fun with these science demos, don’t try this at home!

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