Watch What Happens When We Tried This $8 Corn Stripper On The Show

by Rachael Ray Show Staff 3:00 AM, May 2, 2018

Aired May 2, 2018

Eating corn on the cob is a summer must-do, but sometimes you want to strip your ears of corn for soups and salads.

And we can all agree that it's not the most exciting -- nor the easiest -- task.

While Rach has her own trick that involves inverting a small bowl inside a bigger bowl to better catch the kernels, chef and Milk Street Magazine founder Chris Kimball was *really* excited to introduce it to us to a tool that *may* just make the job even easier.

"Are you ready to be amazed?" he asks Rach.

Basically, the Cob Corn Stripper that he went on to demonstrate -- which is only $7.99 -- claims to safely strip whole cobs of corn with a serrated stainless steel blade when you stick the cob in and twist.

Watch Chris strip an entire ear of corn in seconds in the video above!

"It makes a little bit of a mess on the counter," Chris admits after he's finished.

(But hey, it's only an hour-long show, and he was trying to get the job done STAT!)