Chrissy Teigen Helps 1 Mom Who Hasn't Had a Haircut in 5 Years Get 1 of Our Most Dramatic Makeovers Yet

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Playing Chrissy Teigen's Long-Hair Intervention

The girl couldn't help it!

Charity, a hard-working mother of four, has been so swamped, she hasn't even had time to cut her hair.

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And when we say she's had no time, we mean that her last haircut was 5 YEARS AGO!

But all that changed when we paired her up with Chrissy Teigen! The supermodel ditched her long locks for a shoulder-skimming style as of late, and she loves the results. Which is why she was more than happy to encourage Charity to take the plunge!

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And take it she did!

See Charity's dramatic long-hair makeover — one of the biggest chops we've ever done on the show — in the video above!

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