The 4 Hair Makeovers That Made Our Jaws Drop in 2014

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show Aired December 11, 2014

We've seen a lot of inspirational hair makeovers in our eight-plus seasons on the air, and 2014 was no exception.

Below, check out four haircuts that made us laugh and cry; that touched and warmed our hearts; that truly made for defining teleivision moments.

1.) A Viewer Gets Her First Haircut Ever

Back in May, we met Helene, a 29-year-old viewer who shocked everyone when she revealed she had never gotten a haircut before in her life. (To put things in perspective: By the time she came to our show, her hair measured six feet five inches long.) What do to? Well, we called in our good friend, Kyan Douglas, to help complete a transformation almost 30 years in the making. The results? A TV moment we won't soon forget.

2.) Chrissy Teigen's Long-Hair Intervention

Also this year, we called in supermodel Chrissy Teigen to help a mother of four young boys cut her hair for the first time in five years. (By then, the viewer -- who stood 4'11" tall -- had accumulated three feet of hair.) Teigen's dramatic transformation not only cut off a large chunk of this mom's hair, it also shed years off her look. Incredible doesn't even begin to describe this wonderful moment.

3.) Giuliana Rancic's Emotional Haircut for a Two-Time Cancer Survivor

It was hard not to cry when Giuliana Rancic introduced us to a viewer who was ready to donate her hair again to children fighting cancer after she herself beat cancer a second time. Relieve this incredible makeover reveal now -- just remember to keep the tissues handy.

4.) A Guy Gets His First Haircut in 20 Years

Hey, who said the women get to have all the fun?! In February, we met a male viewer who wanted to get his haircut for the first time in -- wait for it -- 20 years. As you would expect, the big reveal was pretty dramatic -- not to mention life-changing.

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