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Can an App Give You a Virtual Makeover From Head to Toe?

by Rachael Ray Show Staff 9:00 AM, March 1, 2016

Aired March 1, 2016

Tired of wasting money at the makeup counter? Gretta Monahan is showcasing the perfect app to help you find your perfect shade and it’s called Shade Scout. It uses facial recognition to let you virtually try on every shade – and if you like what you see, you can purchase the product right from the app!

Have a lot of clothes but only wear a small percentage of it? There’s an app for that too! It’s called Cluise, and it turns your closet into a virtual one!  You’ll have to spend a bit of time snapping photos of every item in your wardrobe but Gretta promises that once you’re done, it’s always there at your fingertips.  From there, just choose one item, and the app chooses other pieces in your closet that coordinate with the item you chose!  The best part?  It even takes the weather from your location into consideration!

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