Barbers Show Off Their Skills with 3 Jaw-Dropping Man-Overs

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show Aired July 28, 2016

Kyan Douglas has a new show about the art of barbering, and he traveled all over the country meeting professional barbers who proudly showed off their craft. Now, he’s here in our studio with three barbers who are giving three members of our audience transformational makeovers.

Makeover No. 1: New Year, New Look

Barber Kamal gave Greg an intricate new style when Greg confessed he was wanting a new look for the new year. Watch below for the before and after!

Kyan Douglas Tours Barbershops Around America

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Makeover No. 2: A Guy’s Mom Wants Him to Get a Haircut

Daniel’s mom told him he needed a haircut, and he was game enough to come on the show and get one! Barber Richie gave him an “Ivy League” style and the result was pretty breathtaking. Watch the videos below for the before and after!

Makeover No. 3: Ditching the ZZ Top Look After a Midlife Crisis

Shaggy haired and long bearded Jeff was going through a midlife crisis, so he came to us and Elena, from a Miami burlesque barbershop, gave him a trimmed down new look. Watch below for the before, and then watch him break down in tears when he sees his new look for the first time!

Which of our dramatic makeovers stunned you the most? Share below!

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