Stacy London Teaches Us How to Be A Wardrobe Minimalist

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Playing Stacy London Teaches Us How to Be A Wardrobe Minimalist

Minimalism is everywhere right now. In magazines and on social media, women are embarking on minimalist challenges that range from going makeup-free (like Alicia Keys did at the VMAs) to extreme decluttering inspired by Marie Kondo, the author of The Magic of Tidying Up. Well, when we heard from that our buddy, fashion expert Stacy London, was interested in streamlining her wardrobe, we knew she was the perfect person to test this out.We challenged her to choose only 10 items from her closet to wear for a week -- New York Fashion Week no less. She reveals her tips here for making a mini wardrobe work!

Tip 1: Don’t Go Bland
“The same rules apply for a micro wardrobe that apply to a macro wardrobe: What you want in your collection is color, pattern, texture and shine,” Stacy says.

Tip 2: Layer, Layer, Layer
Stacy suggests, “You want a dress or a jumpsuit that you can layer over or under [another item] in order to make that outfit go the extra mile and do double duty.”

Tip 3: A Neutral Bottom is Essential
“You have to have one neutral bottom. Because your tops are really what people are going to notice,” she points out.

Tip 4: Think Before You Buy
“Make sure any item that you buy goes with at least two things that you already own,” Stacy says, because otherwise items might just sit in your closet not being worn.

Can Stacy Survive NYC Fashion Week with Only 10 Pieces From Her Wardrobe?
So how did it go? “10 pieces actually took me a pretty long way,” Stacy reveals. Get an insider look at her New York Fashion Week adventures here.

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