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This Man Refuses to Wear Pants -- So We Called Clinton Kelly

by Rachael Ray Show Staff 6:12 PM, November 3, 2016

Aired July 14, 2017

Our viewer Rose wrote to Rach begging for help because, since 1987 her husband Mike has worn shorts every day -- even while doing his job as a construction worker in the dead of winter in Pennsylvania!

On top of that, he insisted on keep his hair dyed what Rose calls “Billy Idol-blond.”

But it turns out that all Mike needed to agree to a new look was for style maestro Clinton Kelly to step in. “Your husband doesn’t mind me telling him to wear pants or to color his hair -- he just doesn’t want to hear it from you,” Clinton joked.

Clinton arranged for Mike’s hair to be colored back to his natural hue, and dressed him in a stylish but casual blazer, sweater and jeans combo.

On the importance of good denim, Clinton says, “Every American man needs a great pair of jeans. You have to just keep trying to them on until you find a pair and think, ‘Oh man I look hot in these.’”

Watch the video to see Mike’s sexy new look.

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