4 New Hair Gadgets You Never Knew You Needed… Until Now

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Playing 4 New Hair Gadgets You Never Knew You Needed… Until Now

Taming those locks to get Kate Middleton-worthy hair every day can be challenging and time consuming (hello, frizz!), but with these cool, new innovative hair gadgets, maybe you could kiss those Medusa-scary strands goodbye?

Beauty pro Gretta Monahan brought along four brand new gadgets for our viewers to test drive. See how they work in the video above.

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ForStyler’s Hair Twister
WHAT IS IT? This is an attachment for your blow dryer that curls your hair as it dries.

HOW DO YOU USE IT? Monahan gave this one a whirl in her own home and used it on her hair when it was almost dry. “It’s easy to use, but if you tried to use a tool like this on wet hair, it would take you triple the amount of time to dry,” says Monahan. “My tip is to use it when your hair is 80% dry. Let your hair air dry while you’re putting your makeup on!”

Brocato's VIBRASTRAIT Oscillating Flat Iron
WHAT IS IT? It’s a straightening iron that vibrates!

HOW DO YOU USE IT? You might be wondering what the heck vibrations do, but hear this. Remember back in the day (pre-straightening iron era) when women used to lay their hair on an ironing board and iron it straight with a legitimate iron? Well, those were some dark days for hair, and we’re glad they’re behind us! Monahan explains that direct contact with heat can cause a lot of damage -- same with a regular straightening iron. But, Monahan says if it’s vibrating, the heat isn’t concentrated all in one spot, therefore minimizing the risk of damage.

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Dyson’s Supersonic Hair Dryer
WHAT IS IT? Yea, we know -- Dyson makes vacuums. But now they’ve joined the hair industry in what Monahan says is the most talked about innovation in her 20 years of doing hair! That’s impressive, no?

HOW DO YOU USE IT? Monahan tells us why there’s so much chatter about this dryer. According to Monahan, the motor is built into the arm of the dryer, which means it’ll never overheat, and there isn’t a vent on the back of the dryer for your hair to get stuck and burn in. This dryer even has the technology to automatically adjust the heat so it’s always at the perfect non-destroying temperature, she adds. Bonus: the attachments are magnetic! Now, it’ll run you a pretty penny (think…. $399), but as Monahan points out, if you dry your hair daily or go to salons on the regular, it may be worth it. And just think about all the precious time you’d be saving each day, says Monahan!

“That alone is worth it,” says Monahan.

MTA Hairclip (More Than a Hairclip)
WHAT IS IT? Want to feel like an incognito ninja? Rach calls this gadget the “Swiss Army” barrette!

HOW DO YOU USE IT? Monahan says you can use it to open a bottle of beer, repair glasses with its mini screwdriver, file your nails, and just in case you need to measure something… well, you can.

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