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A Long-Haired NYC Waiter Gets One of Our Sexiest Man Makeovers Ever

by Lisa Hirsch Lozano 3:00 PM, March 24, 2017

Aired June 19, 2017

Sometimes you seek out your makeover subjects, and sometimes you just stumble upon them. That was the case for style expert Kyan Douglas when he went to get his favorite chicken wings at Max Brenner in New York City recently and his waiter Joe happened to be sporting a man bun.

Kyan says, “We had done a show here about man buns, and after the show I went out on the street and every other guy I saw had a man bun. So I go in [to eat] and the waiter had a man bun, too! It was like some weird man-bun karma.” He took it as a sign and offered his waiter, Joe, a makeover!

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Luckily, 22-year-old Joe was game to shed his long locks (which he’d been growing for five years after his parents told him he couldn’t in high school) and go for a Kyan-envisioned new Dev Patel-esque look. After all, keeping all that hair piled neatly on his head in a man bun for work was kind of a drag.

This is a makeover you truly have to see to believe! Watch the video above to see Joe’s sleek transformation, and find out why Joe’s girlfriend Angie teared up when Kyan cut off his ponytail in the video below.

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