NJ Postal Carrier Thinks She’s Just Picking Up a Package -- But Then Her Friends Did THIS

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Patty Salvatico from South Brunswick, New Jersey isn’t just any mail carrier -- she’s a mother of two and a friendly face that everyone in the neighborhood knows and loves.

“Patty is a fabulous mail carrier,” says Ginger Boyle, a customer of Patty’s. “She walks seven miles a day… she’s hardworking and takes really special care of all her customers.”


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Her customers and friends describe her look as… well… shall we say very casual?

“She’s in her work uniform every day, sometimes she has layers and layers of clothes on, a ballcap on so it’s covering her face and her hair is usually hanging out on the sides,” says Melissa Taylor, Ginger’s coworker. “But we know she’s beautiful underneath.”


“Patty deserves a makeover because she works so hard and she deserves to have something nice happen to her,” says Ginger.

And a makeover Patty got (and yea… it’s AH-MAZING)! Ginger and Melissa called Patty asking her to swing by their office to pick up an “important package.”


Yes, it was important, because inside the package was a tablet with a message from the one and only Rach!

“Patty walks through the door and we’re lucky she didn’t have a heart attack!” says Ginger.

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To take Patty from drab to fab, we called in the big guns (well, she’s actually pretty petite!) -- fashion guru Gretta Monahan and our friends at Cutler Salon. Watch the video above to see the jaw-dropping reveal!

“It’s amazing!” says Patty. “I just feel blessed… truly blessed!”


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