Holiday Party Hair: How to DIY a Crown Braid

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Ciara has rocked it, Jennifer Lawrence has rocked it -- and so can YOU!

Rachael Ray Show

As Rach puts it, a crown braid is the perfect way to frame your beautiful features and keep your hair out of your face in a chic way.

All you have to do is part your hair down the middle, start braiding from the back, bring the braid around to the front of your face, wrap it back around and pin it in the back.

And don’t be afraid to make yours a little messy!

"If you’re not really perfect at braiding, it’s okay," stylist to the stars Kim Kimble says. "People like it to look messy, so I make it kind of loose."

In fact, letting some hair tendrils hang loose is SO in.

Kim breaks down exactly how to create the regal style in the video above, so follow along!