This Celeb Stylist Uses WHAT Instead of Hair Gel?! So Smart (and Way Better For Your Tresses)

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Playing This Celeb Stylist Uses WHAT Instead of Hair Gel?! So Smart (and Way Better For Your Tresses)

Consider us SHOOK!

Celebrity hairstylist Tabatha Coffey swung by our studio to help one young college student, who stopped getting haircuts for three years after his dad was diagnosed with cancer, with a MAJOR hair transformation. (Watch it here!)

And since it was our "Essentials Show," she made sure to share her two hair must-haves, too — including one we bet you would have NEVER guessed to try at home!

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Her trick? The use of leave-in conditioner — to style her hair!

"When I'm not working, I slick my hair back all the time. But I don't like a lot of product that makes it look sticky or heavy," she says. (We FEEL you, girl.)

So instead of traditional hair gel or wax, she brushes her cropped platinum hair back with a leave-in conditioner — specifically, the Biolage R.A.W. Re-Hab Mask — which keeps her hair in place while also giving it a moisturizing treatment.

And there you have it! Goddess hair with barely any effort.

(A.k.a. Our favorite kind of hair.)

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As for her second must-have? That honor goes to velcro rollers.

We know, we know — they're so '80s! But hear her out!

"You put them in dry hair," she explains, "[and] they're not going to make your hair curly. They're just going to give you body."

Roll up your hair, spritz everything with hairspray, and then wait for 20, 10, even 5 minutes. Then pop them out, and Tabatha says you will be gifted with serious volume!

Can't knock a classic!

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