Perms + Scrunchies?! These '90s Hair Trends Are, Like, Totally Back For 2018

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Playing How to Sport a Perm in 2018 Like Olivia Munn, With Jonathan Van Ness From Netflix's "Queer Eye"

We can all agree that there are some hair trends that are better left in the past.

But according to original "Queer Eye" star Kyan Douglas and Netflix reboot star Jonathan Van Ness, the perm, scrunchies, headbands and retro bangs are *not* on that list!

As long as you give them a modern twist, that is!

And that’s exactly what they did when they visited our show.

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Though the quintessential '80s perm can be pretty polarizing, it *does* look pretty fierce when done right … right?

Take Meg Ryan in "When Harry Met Sally," for example:

Rachael Ray Show

Photo credit: Newscom

What did we say? FIERCE.

With that said, the hairstyle can be quite a statement, so Jonathan introduced us and one of our viewers to a modern, toned-down version, like the one Olivia Munn is sporting here:

"It's more about controlled body than as big as humanly possible," he jokes.

And while the perm process still takes a few hours, judging by the end result, it does seem worth it!

Just look how chic one of our viewers Audra looks:

Rachael Ray Show

Plus, we’ve come a long way since the ‘80s, the “Queer Eye” reboot star explains.

"Now we have this product called a bond builder," Jonathan says. "The one that we used for this is called Olaplex, and what Olaplex does is turn the perm more semi-permanent, so it’s not such a commitment."

"You don't have to grow it out from the root," he continues. "And you can actually perm highlighted hair!"

Oh, how times have changed!

Pro tip from Jonathan: The key to a natural wave is using perm rods of different sizes. Use mousse and a Dyson diffuser for style upkeep!


Rach herself admits that she's a hard sell on scrunchies -- but we're pretty sure Kyan convinced her!

Instead of wearing scrunchies high and tight as people like Paula Abdul did back in the day ...

Rachael Ray Show

Photo credit: Getty Images

… Kyan suggests pulling an Ariana Grande and wearing them low and loose:

"It's not high and tight, it's not really intense," the original "Queer Eye" grooming expert explains. "It's soft [and] cascading."

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He even showcased the look on a viewer named Puja -- and Rach was sold!

"[This] is very, very pretty," she admits.

(Way to go, Kyan!)

Are you as convinced as Rach is? Find out in the video below!


"Back in the day, headbands were very adolescent girl-looking," Kyan says, referring to them being worn on the crown of the head and behind the ears.

But not in 2018!

Today, Kyan recommends wearing them high on the forehead and low on the ears, so they look more like stylish head wraps.

Eva Mendes knows what Kyan is talking about …

Rachael Ray Show

Photo credit: Newscom

Gorgeous, right?

Pro tip from Kyan: Play around with different fabrics, like cotton, crushed velvet and leather!

Watch the video below to see how trendy our viewer Paige looks rocking one:


Bangs can be really, really hard to pull off -- but once you find a style that complements your face shape, you're golden!

"It's really about customizing the fringe for your face and your lifestyle," Jonathan says.

So when a viewer and mom named Samantha asked for functional, yet stylish, bangs, the new "Queer Eye" grooming pro delivered with what Rach deemed a "bangle" (a bang on an angle!).

"She's got a little one, she's busy," he explains, "so I’m not going to give her something that takes 30 minutes every morning."

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That translated into a style with a middle part and a slightly longer fringe, so that it’s not difficult to maintain if Samantha wants to let her hair air dry.

See the impressive before and after in the video below:

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