They Waited 33 Years for Their 2nd Date, Now They’re Getting Married in Our Studio

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Playing They Waited 33 Years for Their 2nd Date, Now They’re Getting Married in Our Studio

Karen Lynch and Rick Hayward from Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, waited longer than average for a follow-up date -- 33 years to be exact. Their first date was at the age of 18 at a bowling alley. Lynch thought the date went great, however, because he was shy, Hayward never called.

They eventually reconnected on Facebook seven years ago, finally went on their second date, and eventually got engaged!


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“Karen brought love back into my life and made me feel whole again. I don’t think I really knew what your other half meant until now,” says Hayward.

We wanted to help speed up the process and get these lovebirds married ASAP, and until 24 hours ago, Lynch had no idea she’d be getting married TODAY. Check out the video to see the priceless look on her face when she found out!

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Little did she know, there were even more surprises to come, including a trip to the iconic Kleinfeld Bridal in New York City to find her dream dress! AND an even bigger surprise hiding in the chiffon and taffeta-lined walls -- her best friend, Dorie Perdie, aka, matron of honor! (Are you crying tears of joy yet? We are!)

And, come on now, what’s a wedding without CAKE?! Did you think we forgot? Pah-lease! We brought in the best of the best -- Christina Tosi, founder of Momofuku Milk Bar and a judge on MasterChef Junior. (Mic drop.)

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But wait, there’s more! (Right? Can’t. Even. Deal.) Rach surprised them with a honeymoon to Iberostar’s Playa Mita resort in sunny Mexico, they’ll have their own private beach area, unlimited fine dining at four specialty restaurants, 24-hour room service, an onsite golf course and more!

Watch these two cuties tie the knot in front of their family, loved ones, our studio audience, and all our viewers at home. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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