An Engaged Couple Takes ‘The Marriage Test’ To See If They Are Meant to Be

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Playing Engaged Couple Take ‘The Marriage Test’ To See if They Are Meant to Be

Like most engaged couples, Christina and Joe don’t agree on absolutely everything, and one issue that has been coming up in their wedding process is a familiar one: finances.

Jill Andres and Brook Silva-Braga, the authors of the relationship advice book The Marriage Test: Our 40 Dates Before "I Do" (who last season handcuffed Rach and John together) gave the couple a series of tasks to carry out to determine if they’re on the same page before taking their vows.

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From swapping credit cards and not being able to speak to their partners for a day, to going house hunting, the pair learned a lot about each other. They also played a variation on the newlywed game with questions like, who has the most in savings? And whose credit score is higher? Watch to see how they did and if Rachael gave her blessing for them to wed.


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