5 Kid-Friendly Holiday Activities with Ayesha Curry

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show Aired December 24, 2015

Super mom Ayesha Curry is back with five holiday activities so easy, your kids can do them! Did we mention how adorable they are? You’ll find instructions for each project below.

Christmas Pita Trees

Learn How to Make Christmas Tree Pita Trees

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First up is a festive, healthy snack that kids will love and can even help make! Just take a round pita and cut it into 6 triangles so they resemble trees. Then, break off the end of a pretzel stick to create a sharp edge and stick it into the bottom of your the tree. Spread guacamole over the trees and decorate with red bell peppers. Delish!

Hot Chocolate Reindeer Bags

These adorable reindeer bags couldn’t be simpler to make (the secret is all store-bought ingredients)! Fill a cone-shaped plastic baggie with two packets of instant cocoa mix and top with a handful of marshmallows. Tie the baggies with pipe cleaners to create antlers, and secure eyes and a nose using a glue stick. These make great party favors for children, and if you’d like to hand them out to adults, Ayesha suggests including a small bottle of chocolate liqueur for a special treat!

Dressed Up Dining Room Chairs

No need to stress over decorations around the dinner table – simply take a wide ribbon, wrap it around the back of a dining chair and tie a simple knot. Then take a decorative sprig and secure it to the knot using wire and you’re done! Beautiful and effortless.

Candy Cane Vase Centerpiece

This festive centerpiece is affordable and your kids will have fun making it too! Take a vase and line it with candy canes (still in the wrapper). Then take a smaller vase and put it inside the larger one. Grab some pretty red carnations and put those in the center. Voila!

Snowy Night Lit Centerpiece

This is such a pretty centerpiece that’ll be sure to light up your holiday tablescape. Grab a mason jar and add a little bit of fake snow. Take a small strand of battery operated lights and bury the battery compartment inside the snow. Top off with a little more snow, stuff the remainder of the string of lights inside the jar, pop on the lid and you’re finished. To make this look rustic on your table, place it on top of a wooden bark charger and decorate with a few sprigs.

Share your tips for simple holiday decorations in the comments, below!

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