These 4 Amazingly Simple Household Tips Could Change Your Life

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show Aired March 09, 2016

Home improvement expert John Gidding is here today to show you four tricks that will make your life easier at home, and he’s also installing a faucet on our set in less than four minutes!

Tip 1: Use Kitty Litter to Sop Up Old Paint

If you have partial cans of old paint sitting in your garage that you definitely won’t need, just add the same amount of kitty litter to the can as there is paint – it will dry out the paint and you can safely throw it away.

Tip 2: Safely Get a Broken Lightbulb Out of a Lamp

If a filament lightbulb breaks in your lamp, just push a half potato onto the broken part, and unscrew. (Make sure the lamp is turned off/unplugged first.)

Tip 3: Clean Grout with a Steamer

No need to use harsh chemicals on your dirty grout. John recommends using a handheld clothing steamer to clean it.

Tip 4: Use a Plunger to Clear a Stopped Sink

If your sink gets clogged, don’t turn to harsh chemicals to clear it. John shows you how to use a simple plunger.

Plus, John shows you how easy it is to install a new faucet! Watch the video below to see him do it in less than four minutes!

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