Bored of Wallpaper? Dress Up Your Wall With Faux Stone Instead!

by Cristina Corvino 11:15 AM, September 25, 2017

Aired December 14, 2017

Calling all first-time home buyers -- this decor trick is for you!

If you don’t have the money to do a full renovation in your new home, Mina Starsiak from the hit HGTV show “Good Bones” has the perfect alternative.

When it comes to an accent wall -- or an eyesore cover-up -- you have more options than just painting or adding wallpaper.

You can also opt for faux stone, which will offer you a more textured (and impressive!) look.

Mina’s faux stone, which is called AirStone, is made up of 80 percent recycled materials, but you can find other varieties at your local hardware store. All you need to adhere it to your wall is a little bit of spackle.

Trust us, you’re sure to trick all your guests into thinking you spent a whole lot more money than you actually did.

The dream!


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