5 Things You Already Have in Your House for Stunning Cocktail Party Decor

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Playing 5 Things You Already Have in Your House for Stunning Cocktail Party Decor

Throwing a party — and want it to be a pretty one? Even if you want to stun your guests with your decor, you don't have to spend a mint!

Thanks to Mary Giuliani, party planner and author of "The Cocktail Party," we have five fresh decorating ideas for your next bash — and odds are, everything you need is already in your house, ready to be re-purposed!

Minus (possibly) a little gold paint! (But who minds a fabulous purchase like that, right?)

"We do, like, 500 parties a year, so I'm constantly tasked to look at normal things sitting around the house and repurpose them, and find new ways to have fun with things," says Mary. "We're going to create a really fun party using things you already have, [and these DIYs are] super-easy and very, very cheap."

Sounds good to us!

Read on for Mary's best repurposing tips!

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1. Friend Napkin Rings
Before the party even begins, ask each of your guests to send you an awkward photo from their archives. Print them out, cut them up and tape them to your napkin rings.

Once everyone arrives, people can have fun guessing which photo belongs to which guest. Ice breaker, complete!

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2. Gold-Dipped "Party Animals"
If you have kids, then you know you're always tripping over their toys — especially the little ones!

One way to get them off the floor (the retired ones, of course!)? Paint 'em gold to make them "party animals!"

Mary suggests tying name tags to them, and voila! You've got seating cards.

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3. Crayon Dip-Dye Candles

Does your art drawer have a broken crayon — or 12? If you melt them down in a pot, you can use them as dye, and dip-dye your candles. How's that for a fun twist?

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4. Table Runner Charcuterie

Who needs flowers when you can use FOOD as your centerpiece?! All you need is a big piece of wood — or a few cutting boards, lined up in a row — and you've got an "edible runner."

"Not only can you see each other, but you can help yourself to snacks!" notes Rach. (Too true!)

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5. Hula Hoop Centerpiece
What do we love more than a hula hoop? A hula hoop spray painted gold and turned into a centerpiece!

Mary accented her hoop with a wooden piece carved out to say "cheers" (attached with clear kitchen wire) and some greens. You can place it in the middle of your table, but Mary showed it off as a gorgeous wreath, too!

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