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How to DIY a Headboard With Leftover Tile Aired June 21, 2018

One renovation project’s trash is another project’s treasure!

At the beginning of our 12th season in September 2017, Rach revealed her brand-new set kitchen, which was renovated by our friends, HGTV’s "The Cousins" (A.K.A. Anthony Carrino and John Colaneri).

WATCH: Rach Reveals Her Brand-New Kitchen

And when all was said and done, the dynamic duo had lots of leftover material. So naturally, they visited again to show us what to do with it!

"Material’s expensive," Anthony says. "So when you order it, you always order with waste, because install creates waste."

"So if you have enough leftover," he continues, "you can make some really cool projects."

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And that, they did!

With leftover floor tile, "The Cousins" actually created a headboard right in our studio.

How cool does it look?!

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Now, before you start the install, Anthony advises, figure out how much square footage of leftover tile you have. If you have enough to start the headboard at the floor, wonderful. But if not, don’t fret! A trim piece will come in handy (like the one in the photo above).

Just glue or silicone the tiles in place and secure the trim pieces around the tile with a nail gun. Voila!

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For a simpler project, you can also use leftover mosaic tile to decorate a vase, like this gorgeous one right here:

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And those aren’t the only tricks Anthony and John had up their sleeves!

Watch the video below to learn how to repurpose leftover pendant lights AND to see the super sweet gift they gave Rach:

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