This DIY Vintage-Inspired Marquee Is PERFECT For Your Holiday Fireplace

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If you love cat-eye glasses and pink Cadillacs, this one's for you!

Brit + Co founder Brit Morin dropped by to show us how to DIY this year's biggest holiday decor trends, and before she left, she showed us one old-school beauty, as inspired by A Beautiful Mess: a vintage car and Christmas tree marquee!

Here's what you need:

Paint (Brit used red for the car, though you can do any color, plus green, white and black)
Duct Tape
Christmas lights

As Brit demonstrated, with your cut, painted plywood (which you can pick up at your local hardware store), take the drill to the tree portion of the piece and create little holes. Then, take the Christmas lights and poke them through the holes (Lite-Brite-style!), which will light up the whole piece like a marquee!

Check it out!

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