How to DIY Your Own Ornament Stirrers

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How do you make your egg nog even more festive?

By adding one of these to it!

Brit + Co founder Brit Morin swung by to teach us how to DIY the biggest decorating trends of the season, and one of her cutest (not to mention easiest)?

Ornament stirrers!

Rachael Ray Show

As demonstrated by Brit, all you need are straws (or you can use chopsticks!), mini ornaments and a hot glue gun, and you can put these babies together in seconds!

Just pinch one end of the straw and pop on the hook end of the ornament. Squeeze a little hot glue, add the little ornament ball and voila! The merriest stirrer, brought to life in an instant.

Watch Brit, John and Rach bring them to life in the video above!

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