You’ll Never Guess What These DIY Cookie Gift Boxes Are Made Out Of

by Sarah Zorn 2:10 PM, December 22, 2017

Aired December 25, 2017

We’re big fans of DIY gifts (here are 15 edible ideas) but packaging delicate baked goods — especially Christmas cookies — can be tricky business. And after all that effort, wouldn’t it be a shame if they broke into perfectly frosted, sugar-dusted bits?

That’s why we say ditch the tins, and take this tip from our favorite organizing expert, Peter Walsh.

MAKE: Red Velvet Cookies

Empty tin foil and plastic wrap boxes are actually ideal, for stacking cookies in a single, snugly-packed row.

Granted, a giant brand name on the box doesn’t scream Christmas, so be sure to wrap the boxes first in your favorite festive paper.

 Tuck some colorful tissue inside, and voila — the ultimate vessel for edible presents.

Now that’s how the cookie (doesn’t) crumble!

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