You’ll Never Guess What These DIY Cookie Gift Boxes Are Made Out Of

by Sarah Zorn 2:10 PM, December 22, 2017
Aired December 25, 2017

We’re big fans of DIY gifts (here are 15 edible ideas) but packaging delicate baked goods — especially Christmas cookies — can be tricky business. And after all that effort, wouldn’t it be a shame if they broke into perfectly frosted, sugar-dusted bits?

That’s why we say ditch the tins, and take this tip from our favorite organizing expert, Peter Walsh.

MAKE: Red Velvet Cookies

Empty tin foil and plastic wrap boxes are actually ideal, for stacking cookies in a single, snugly-packed row.

Granted, a giant brand name on the box doesn’t scream Christmas, so be sure to wrap the boxes first in your favorite festive paper.

Did not load


 Tuck some colorful tissue inside, and voila — the ultimate vessel for edible presents.

Now that’s how the cookie (doesn’t) crumble!

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